Playing by post

The details of how we’re running this may change in the middle. Consider this a first draft.

This game will work (more or less) like normal D&D. I’ll describe a situation, then players who want their characters to do something will say so. Then I describe your success/failure/results, and the new situation, and the cycle continues.

In this case, pretty much everything will work in “rounds”. I’ll post, then you guys make posts saying what you want to do, then once everyone has posted I’ll summarize the actions, the results, and post them to the adventure log. To ensure progress, I’ll make a cutoff of 5:00 PM CST the day after a session post. At that point I’ll begin writing the next adventure log.

If you want to do something without telling the party, send me a private message through Obsidian Portal. (Top left, on menu bar.) If you want to interact with another character privately, do it however you want (messages, email, in person), but send me a message on Obsidian Portal giving the details of the interaction once you’ve figured out what you’re doing.

One thing that’s different (you may have to get used to) is that you have less control of your character. You have to be willing to describe the idea of what you want your character to do/say, and be okay if I have to mold it to get things working together since too much back-and-forth will bring the game to a grinding halt. Your character won’t always do exactly what you want, but the better you describe what you want to do (and your character’s motivation, personality, etc.), the better I can write up the adventure log. It’s also good if you provide exact quotes/things for your character to say/do, but please understand if I adjust it a little bit to make things mesh.

Another thing we’ll all have to get used to is the fact that it’s slow. Hopefully not too slow. We’ll see, and change things up if so.

One way I’ve heard play-by-post described is like the DM is an editor, and the players provide characterization for a story we’re writing together. Or something like that.

I’ll be doing all the die-rolling/mechanics-fuckery/adjudicating. I will post the die rolls; unfortunately Obsidian Portal doesn’t have a built-in die rolling feature so you have to trust I’m not fudging the rolls.

Since it’s easier to bring characters in and out, if you decide you don’t like your character, don’t like the format of the game, or whatever; feel free to let me know you’d like to stop playing or take a break.

I’ll occasionally post a forum thread asking for feedback — this is the first time I’ve done anything like this so I’m absolutely open to changing the way things work if it’d make things more fun for the group.

If none of this makes sense, I can try to put together an example thread. Let me know.

Playing by post

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